A Bounty Hunter

Last evening while Harry and Elena were in her office at Lynn Security, having a late supper and talking business about some gifts given to their children that had been analyzed at the lab, with disturbing results, a knock came on the door.  James opened the door to greet Dante Gregorium, a self proclaimed bounty hunter that is new in town, and was hoping he could get a job with Elena.

While Elena might not have thought her staff needed updating, James and Harry are far more willing to admit that the men on her retainer have been rather absent of late.  Though Elena hadn’t expected her reputation with the supernatural to grow and be so well known that newcomers would wish to work with her, that seems to be the price from taking clients and cases over from Hunter Investigations, since Ash Hunter hasn’t been seen in ages.

When questioned, Harry asked if he had only dealt with vampires and werewolves or if he could handle demons and angels as well.  Dante stated that demons were no problem for him, showing off an impressive sword he has supposedly used against them in the past.  Though Dante has yet to be proven, after Harry completes a background check (and Elena likely would as well), it seems that he might have found a new boss.


Angel Sighting

Cheri Noble, on one of her usual walks throughout the city, happened to glance up and see a flash of light by a fountain, and a sudden sickness, an uneasiness engulfed her.  It was a flash she followed, and found an angel, Michael.  The Michael.  It’s unknown why he might have suddenly become earth bound, but odds are, we haven’t seen the last of him.

The First Attempt

Cheri Noble happened upon a friend, the werewolf Laurits, late one night.  Unfortunately, a very peculiar looking creature, like a vampire that was mixed with a zombie, happened upon them.  This creature seemed to have a rather singular purpose, to collect Laurits and take him off… somewhere.  Laurits had no intention of being abducted by this creature, but couldn’t quite handle him alone.

Cheri stepped in and took care of the threat, ending up covered in blood.  She did what she had to do to protect Laurits and herself yet it seemed far more haunting than it should have been.