The Chase Continues…

The ancient vampire Chase returned, and this time he got a hold of Cheri.  He caught her off her guard and made instant eye contact, thralling her.  Once she was in thrall it was easy for him to drink from her.  He even went so far as to steal her voice.

Anya found the scene and began to attack Chase.  After a while, Chase grew bored of the fight and disappeared.


Too Obvious

Cheri was about in the city, and managed to meet someone new.  Cheri offered her a light for her cigarette and the girl introduced herself as Lenny.  Then Dante showed up.  He offered to share a blunt with them but made mention that they shouldn’t look in his trunk.

When Lenny left, he told Cheri that there was a dead body there, that he intended to show Harry Mansel to prove his loyalty.  Cheri told Dante that he was being far too obvious and suspicious, yet somehow still decided to go out for a cup of coffee with him.  Whether or not anything will come of this friendship or possible romance remains to be seen.

Lock Picking Gone Array

Dante Gregorium decided that he needed more information about Harry and Elena before working for them, despite not having been hired yet.  He ran into Cheri, then began to pick the lock on Elena’s office door, despite Cheri’s warnings that might end poorly.  Elena, having received a text from Cheri about what Dante was doing, came outside from the inner office of Lynn Security, packing heat.

James, Elena’s bodyguard, heard the commotion from the stairwell and entered into the fray, gun out and aimed at Dante.  Dante claimed neither Elena nor James had the guts to shoot, so James fired, shooting him in the knee and telling him that he better not make any mention of once being a warrior, or he’d shoot his eye out next.  Dante’s reaction was to tell them to do it.  Cheri didn’t need to be told twice, smelling the blood from the wound and launching herself at the man, going for an artery.

James shut Elena and himself into Elena’s most inner office, and made sure Harry was informed of what transpired.  When Cheri texted Elena that it was over, Elena insisted on coming out with James, seeing the blood spatter stains everywhere– on the walls, on the floor.  But by the time Elena emerged, both Seraph had shown up as well as Harry.  Elena rushed to Harry’s side, his own bodyguard, Lee, with him.  As they took in the bloody scene, Harry and Seraph finally were introduced, just in time for Dante (who claimed he would make a deal with the devil and rise again) to come back to life, breathing fire.

Seraph’s second nature, the darkness, seeped out around him in smoky black tendrils, and harsh words were exchanged.  Neither Cheri nor Elena wanted Dante left alive, but Harry was uncertain.  If he died and came back, what was the point of killing him?  Dante thanked Seraph for his lenience and had at one point retracted his desire to work with Elena, stating instead he’d rather work for Harry, and claimed he would do something to prove that he was serious.  What he will do remains to be seen.

A Bounty Hunter

Last evening while Harry and Elena were in her office at Lynn Security, having a late supper and talking business about some gifts given to their children that had been analyzed at the lab, with disturbing results, a knock came on the door.  James opened the door to greet Dante Gregorium, a self proclaimed bounty hunter that is new in town, and was hoping he could get a job with Elena.

While Elena might not have thought her staff needed updating, James and Harry are far more willing to admit that the men on her retainer have been rather absent of late.  Though Elena hadn’t expected her reputation with the supernatural to grow and be so well known that newcomers would wish to work with her, that seems to be the price from taking clients and cases over from Hunter Investigations, since Ash Hunter hasn’t been seen in ages.

When questioned, Harry asked if he had only dealt with vampires and werewolves or if he could handle demons and angels as well.  Dante stated that demons were no problem for him, showing off an impressive sword he has supposedly used against them in the past.  Though Dante has yet to be proven, after Harry completes a background check (and Elena likely would as well), it seems that he might have found a new boss.

Ill Met Encounter

Elena was leaving Lynn Security and waiting for her ride when Danny Blythe appeared out of the shadows.  He was trying to figure out who she was, and why he seemed to know her.  She was quite irate that her driver had not arrived, and Danny began to move closer to her, intending to frighten her.  She provided her name when asked, “Elena Mansel.”  He stated he wouldn’t give her his name, since she might go to the cops and claim he’d abused her.  Once Elena asked if he got off trying to intimidate petite women, he seemed determined to gain her submission.

When Danny got closer to her, Cheri appeared in the shadows, and stood back, simply watching.  Keeper, a small vampiric child with red hair, was seen by Cheri exiting an alleyway and counting money taken from a victim.

Danny asked Elena what she did, and she replied a bit of everything, and that she’d ask Mr. Blythe what he did, but she already knew.  Danny was quite shocked and perhaps threatened that she knew his name, dropped the bag of booze he had and grabbed her wrist that was holding her clutch, pulling her against him as he asked what else she knew.  Elena fought to get away, right hand coming out of the bag to reveal a Colt Detective .38 Special.  When Danny saw the gun he shoved her away.

Nickolaus Richter had felt something was off, and had come to see what was going on with Elena.  Although he was no longer her guardian angel, he still wondered if she was alright.  He saw that she seemed to be getting acquainted with some guy, but didn’t step in because he didn’t see the threat.

Luckily, Seraph Lazarus, who had been nearby, did see the threat, and in a mix of ice and vampiric magic, appeared from out of the darkness to grab Elena and set her back down on the ground, unharmed.  He stepped forward, ready to take on the assailant, asking if there was an issue, though he also told Nickolaus that they would be having words later.  It was evident from his demeanor and his entrance that Seraph was raging, and anything that he might do could prove fatal.

Keeper, the small child, had at once gone for Danny’s legs, trying to trip him so he wouldn’t hurt Elena, though Elena couldn’t have seen it at the time, as she was preoccupied.  When Danny claimed there was no problem, and bent over to pick up his discarded bag holding a bottle of booze, he also picked up Elena’s clutch.  Keeper saw right away, and clung to his arm, trying to pry his fingers off to give the bag back.

Danny threw the clutch and Keeper into a garbage bin, and disappeared down the streets.  Seraph, sure that Elena was secure, told Keeper that he had done quite well, ruffling his hair when he came over to them.  Seraph gave Elena a look as if to say “we’ll discuss this later”, before he disappeared once more.

Keeper gave Elena back her clutch, and Elena took out her wallet, and gave him a one hundred dollar bill.  Elena called her husband, who was quite irate that her driver had never showed up (and by now it was three hours past when the driver had been due) and assured her a car would be there as soon as possible.  Elena made certain Keeper would be safe before getting into the car that came.

Keeper went on to use the cell phone of the fallen police officer that he’d accidentally killed, so that way someone would find the body, before he left to get his things from Cheri’s place (Cheri having disappeared at some point during the scuffle), intending to find someplace to stay until the next night.

Popular Hardcore Band Eviscerine Lead Singer Now in Coma

Cheri spotted Danny Blythe, the man she kept seeing around lately, helping out with a band.  One band member made the mistake of calling the vampiress a bitch, which she didn’t respond well to, scaring all of them with her glowing red eyes so that they returned to the night club.

When Danny and Cheri go into the bar and Danny leaves her in the band room to go get her a drink, one of the band members and his girlfriend came over.  The girlfriend, after a heated exchange, called Cheri a bitch.  This time, Cheri reacted quite violently, picking her up by her neck and lifting her a few inches off the ground before dropping her.  This scared both into scampering off.

Danny’s return also announced that the lead singer, Steven, had some sort of issue in the bathroom.  Both Danny and Cheri fled the scene, though Cheri thought that perhaps she should go save Steven.

Steven, lead singer of Eviscerine is now in an induced coma. Continental U.S tour due to kick off in Washington next week cancelled.

Angel Sighting

Cheri Noble, on one of her usual walks throughout the city, happened to glance up and see a flash of light by a fountain, and a sudden sickness, an uneasiness engulfed her.  It was a flash she followed, and found an angel, Michael.  The Michael.  It’s unknown why he might have suddenly become earth bound, but odds are, we haven’t seen the last of him.

The First Attempt

Cheri Noble happened upon a friend, the werewolf Laurits, late one night.  Unfortunately, a very peculiar looking creature, like a vampire that was mixed with a zombie, happened upon them.  This creature seemed to have a rather singular purpose, to collect Laurits and take him off… somewhere.  Laurits had no intention of being abducted by this creature, but couldn’t quite handle him alone.

Cheri stepped in and took care of the threat, ending up covered in blood.  She did what she had to do to protect Laurits and herself yet it seemed far more haunting than it should have been.

Old Vampires Show New Tricks

Do you know that creepy feeling, the one where your flesh turns to goosebumps and your hair stands on end? It’s that feeling that someone is watching you, following you. That was the feeling Cheri Noble, the city’s most recognizable vampire, felt since the moment she’d risen for the day. The feeling was not unwarranted in the least as Cheri was truly being followed by men in black, vampires that she was sure stepped out of a nightmare of her past. That was what she told the ecstatic teenage Exorcist, Angelus Gabriel, when he literally ran into her.

Cheri led Angelus to hide in an alleyway, where they could talk a little more about the situation. Unfortunately, two of the vampires on Cheri’s trail appeared in the alleyway, chasing Cheri and Angelus from the alley. Cheri literally ran into the arms of the elder vampire that had turned her so long ago, forced her to marry him. Angelus attempted to free Cheri, tugging at the ancient fiend’s arms—even after being swatted into a wall. In frustration, Angelus began to curse the vampire in French, which abruptly lapsed into the ancient language of Exorcists to accidently call a swarm of poltergeists to attack the elder one, who vanished. But not before leaving Cheri paralyzed by the toxin of his vampire kiss. After fending off the swarm’s attack on him, Angelus enlisted aid via Cheri’s cellphone.

Skye, a witch, took Angelus and the paralysed vampiress back to his house, where he tried a couple healing spells and a ritual with spelled blood in an attempt to cleanse Cheri’s body of whatever was afflicting her. The healing spells and ritual blood succeeded, but silver scars remain to mark the encounter. Cheri is once again as well as she could be, given that the vampires still remain out there…waiting.

Written by a Guest Reporter

Man Kidnapped Found in Park

It was just another day in the neighborhood.  Elena Lynn was in the middle of a back bridge, kicking over into a back walkover when Cheri Noble and Cal Sarrion appeared on the scene.  Something quite peculiar seemed to be going down.  Last evening Nickolaus Richter was abducted from his home, his bats left alone and defenseless… by none other than a blonde haired man who appeared to have the same eyes as him; his father.

Elena noticed Cheri and Cal and moved closer to see what they were looking at.  It was Nickolaus, on the ground, appearing to be unconscious.  Doing what any responsible person would, Elena knelt down, hand on his wrist checking his pulse.  That was when things started to get a bit odd.  Ansel, Nickolaus’ father, stepped out from the shadows and mentioned how interesting it was that it was a human that touched him, and that he thought for sure that it would be the vampire, Cheri.

Why it would prove interesting became apparent when Nickolaus opened his eyes and started to proclaim his undying and everlasting love for Elena.  Together Elena and Cheri worked, Elena distracting him while Cheri tested his blood to see if he had anything in his system.  It appeared that six love potions were used on him, and at least four spells to boot.

While Cheri may be a healer, spells are out of her realm and depth.  Will she possibly be able to save Nickolaus before he ends up getting himself into too precarious a situation?