A Bounty Hunter

Last evening while Harry and Elena were in her office at Lynn Security, having a late supper and talking business about some gifts given to their children that had been analyzed at the lab, with disturbing results, a knock came on the door.  James opened the door to greet Dante Gregorium, a self proclaimed bounty hunter that is new in town, and was hoping he could get a job with Elena.

While Elena might not have thought her staff needed updating, James and Harry are far more willing to admit that the men on her retainer have been rather absent of late.  Though Elena hadn’t expected her reputation with the supernatural to grow and be so well known that newcomers would wish to work with her, that seems to be the price from taking clients and cases over from Hunter Investigations, since Ash Hunter hasn’t been seen in ages.

When questioned, Harry asked if he had only dealt with vampires and werewolves or if he could handle demons and angels as well.  Dante stated that demons were no problem for him, showing off an impressive sword he has supposedly used against them in the past.  Though Dante has yet to be proven, after Harry completes a background check (and Elena likely would as well), it seems that he might have found a new boss.


New Entity- Or is it Two?

The latest string of events across of Toronto seem unconnected, but it seems that perhaps there is more than meets the eye.  A blond man with dreadlocks in his hair happened upon Nickolaus, Elena, Cheri, and James, asking for nothing more than to be shown the night life.

That man, Garraty, has come to mean far more to Cheri than he should have been able to.  Though she first spurned him, she now seems quite taken by him… and the thrall he puts her into.  Though some can fight the compulsion, most humans will not be able to actively feel it or notice it.  Supernatural creatures, on the other hand, will likely have an idea what the man is.

Elena, who was friendly and cordial to Garraty, and offered to help him, found reason to watch him given his psychotic behaviour towards her– friendly one moment, and threatening the next.  She found him in a diner with another new figure who seemed… off.  The girl was small, and her skin seemed to have an odd pallor, which appeared… grey.

Hidden in Plain Sight

While Elena Lynn and Cheri Noble spoke about a myriad of things an interesting van appeared on the street.  A man popped out with a megaphone and proclaimed that the supernatural live among us and are trying to fit into everyday society.  Next thing anyone knew guns were out and there was an evident threat against the supernatural in the area.  Elena thought at first she was safe, but then remembered that Cheri would not be and told her and a dog (Skye’s dog?) to hurry and leave the area.  She disappeared back to her house, texting Sven Hazard the details of the ordeal.

Cheri and the dog did not listen, however, and a grenade was thrown out as well as guns being fired.  Cheri ended up hit by a few bullets but dutifully stayed to help take care of those humans that had also been hit.  Through magic and mayhem Cheri and the dog ended up getting a hold of Skye Nickels, who took them back to his house and hopefully started to heal them.

Supernatural Songbird

Does anyone believe that music can free the soul?  That’s a nice thought.  Now, getting to the root of the matter- has anyone ever thought that music could trap and inhibit a person?  That while a catchy, beautiful played tune is performed to completion something about it may cause a potential listener to perish?

Cheri Noble likely didn’t think it was the music that a seemingly new addition to the dark ones in Toronto was making that caused the deaths.  Somnus played beautifully, a some of triumph and fitting in… a song so very similar to how Cheri may have felt walking through life.  Yes, until the point where a man tried to steal a woman’s purse and something… no one is quite certain what, and all dispersed afterward, something took the man and bent him backwards rupturing his spine.

While the police were unable to find the supposed musician, Cheri is not in holding and she cooperated quite well with local authorities.