A Deal of Similarities

Elder vampire Valentin has been after Cheri Noble, his wife, for centuries.  She has chosen another path and another man but that hasn’t stopped the destruction that Valentin was willing to cause to try to get her back.  Cheri had enlisted the help of a myriad of people to try to keep her safe and get her out of his clutches, including but not limited to Sven Hazard, Skye Nickles, Nickolaus Richter, her fiance Tarric, Seraph Lazarus and the demon Mephistopheles.  In the end it was the last that truly caused some damage.

Mephistopheles came into Lynn Security, entering the side office he used with Seraph to find Cheri there as well.  He was quickly informed that she was having a real problem with the elder vampire that had turned her.  Instantly, he had several rather devious ideas.  Seraph couldn’t come, as his desire to try physical attacks would have negated the careful trap Mephistopheles had in mind.  Mephistopheles led Cheri away from Elena’s office out into the middle of the town before he made a point of casually slipping an arm behind her, holding her waist tightly with his left hand.  He said the right words to provoke the henchmen to show themselves, convinced one to get close enough and grabbed him, using that henchman’s mind about where Valentin was in order to transport them to him.

They entered the mausoleum and Mephistopheles began to set up the deal.  Did Valentin want to have a piece of Cheri forever that would stay willingly with him and never leave him, never stray?  When he greedily nodded his head the deal was done.  As always, Mephistopheles doesn’t offer prices… simply enacts them.  The price for Valentin’s desire was steep.  Anyone in the supernatural world would be in the know in regards to demon’s deals.  They always go through once agreed upon and there is no way to retract them.  The price of Valentin’s desire?  His freedom.  Valentin would now be bound to Mephistopheles for the rest of his life; his underling, his minion, his servant/slave.  What did Valentin get in return?

Mephistopheles flooded the main antechamber, creating a wall, a smokescreen between those around he and Cheri.  He turned to her and apologized, taking three inches off her hair.    He told her that he originally intended to either give Valentin a little voodoo doll, or a sort of Cheri mannequin that looked identical to her, but he suddenly had a better idea.  A prick of her finger and some drops of her blood and he could use some old, ancient, dark magic in order to create a simulacrum.  This new creation was only given one command- to stay with Valentin.  It seemed Valentin now had his desire- Cheri was there with him, staying with him and Valentin would be none the wiser to how truly messy his situation had gotten.   


A Snakey Return

It was just an average day.  Elena Lynn started the day by beginning to walk to work.  As she walked past two buildings she heard a noise coming from the alleyway.  Seeming to recognize the man she crept closer to find Skye Nickles on the ground before her.  It took a lot of patience and time to finally convince him to get up.  She led him back to her place after realizing he had been living like a hobo for months and set him up to get cleaned up.

Dallin showed up after she had already ordered pizza and convinced Skye to eat.  Skye started to flip out that Elena would die because she had touched Dallin, and if a man loves a woman and touches her she’ll get pregnant and die.  Luckily Elena thought to ask the power of google and wikipedia to help and that way Skye could learn everything he needed to about the birds and the bees without she and Dallin having to put it into words.  Luckily, Elena had also texted Cheri that Skye was with them.

Cheri came to visit right after Skye, disgusted and grossed out from all he had learned, rushed out to the washroom.  Almost as soon as Cheri was inside Skye screamed and the others went to see what had happened.  Some sort of demon snake had come out of the pipes and was attacking him.  Dallin, not wanting Elena hurt, rushed forward, clamping his mouth on the snake.  Once Skye had managed to force the snake off of his shoulder Dallin, using his teeth, and Cheri, using her hands managed to behead the creepy animal.

Dallin’s mouth was ripped apart and Skye had a dislocated shoulder but both wounds were tended to by Cheri and it is believed that both men are supposed to be fine.