Major Player Update

Things can be so hectic when one lives in a big city, as all in Toronto have learned throughout the years.  Though updating appeared to take a hiatus, the lives have continued to change, move on, and as always, there is much to mention in the news of the illustrious Toronto By Night.

Ash J. Hunter
Ash had become reclusive, or so one would think.  The truth was that he was off chasing something, though one was never sure what.  For a long time Elena kept up Hunter Investigations in his absence, paying his bills, cleaning the place, taking phone calls and doing the investigations that poured in, sometimes taking Sven or Seraph along if supernatural elements were called for.  When Ash did return for a short bit, he had Elena and Sven in for a meeting, and effectively fired her when he learned she had become connected to a supernatural creature, and he certainly did not approve.  Afterwards, he once again disappeared off, and though the office door continues to say his name, one has to worry who has kept the bills paid.

Cal Sarrion
The ever accident prone Cal managed to have his apartment in Regent Park broken into within the first week of his tenancy, Cal had a hard start at adulthood.  Despite that, he managed to inherit enough money to make his dream a reality and set about to start Keeping Classy– what would become a burlesque club.  He requested Elena become his head of PR, and it was expected that she would likely end up on the stage some nights as well (at least to help with promotions!)  It has been under heavy renovations inside and out for the past few years.

Sven Hazard
Sven had to chose between taking hold of daddy’s supernatural demon empire or leaving all of the factions to open warfare trying to claim the throne. He decided to take control, having a shaky peace at best. He asked Cheri to come and live with him due to their mutual affection towards each other, but ultimately left her a few weeks ago, presumably due to Valentin.

Seraph Lazarus
An old vampire employed by Elena Lynn at Lynn Security, he’s been known to disappear for more than his fair amount of time off work.  Nonetheless he is kept on retainer, and always returns eventually.  On one of these outings, his usual jovial demeanor was replaced by sullen depression; his once normal eyes filled in completely with black.  Although asked, he would not reveal anything except that he was dealing with his past, something he keeps hidden even from his close friends, though his infinite connection with voids and shadows is undeniable.  When Sven once upset Elena, Seraph made certain to set him in his place– though whether or not it was due to her being his boss, or more like a little sister, is unknown.

Cheri Noble
Having turned her first human, Cheri later left Tarric.  Upon reentering society a single girl, she was scooped up and turned into a puppet– a role she rather despised, and escaped from thanks to the witch Skye Nickels.  Unfortunately, the puppeteer culprit was never found.  Returning to the night and darkness, she agreed to be with Sven Hazard, though he recently left her, coincidentally around the same time Valentin revealed himself once again.  Cheri seems to have lost the spark needed to feed herself properly, and has been becoming more and more dark eyed, sullen, and has since the loss of her half demon beau.

Nickolaus Richter
Nickolaus slowly became friends with Cheri and Elena.  Soon after a love potion was placed on him, and he became enamoured with Elena.  It was discovered that the rare breed he is, that he would die unless married.  Elena agreed, but through miscommunication, ended up inadvertently helping him turn into a demon.  He almost died when the witch, Skye Nickels, did a special ritual to change him back to what he was, and he and Elena soon parted ways.  He disappeared to Germany for a while, played at being a talent scout, before finding himself back in Toronto with a new girlfriend, Imogen Harper.  Through another accident with Elena, he recently earned himself a temporary status as Elena’s family guardian– a position that will likely determine his fate.

A mobster from London happened into a pizza parlor when Elena and Cheri were having a bite (or Elena was).  Having recognized her from a party with another mobster in California, he and Elena quickly became business associates.  While working on a registry for supernatural creatures that he intended to use for his lab/experiments, Harry and Elena became close.  Through Elena he also met Mephistopheles, Despite likely not planning to settle down so soon, he did fall in love with Elena.  He brought her on a cruise, where she reunited, quite by accident, with a former ballet partner, James Mason.  Once she had met Harry’s family and he had shown her around London, he proposed and she readily accepted.  The two were married, and had twins nine months later.  During that time he met and began considering a business arrangement with Cheri’s Sire, Valentin.  Although happy and in love, Harry recently has been out of contact after stating that he had business in London, and he wouldn’t be gone long.

Elena Lynn
Lost in her work, Elena often traveled back to the US when the opportunity presented itself.  Through her ballet connections, it was easy for her to have at least one source of income.  She fell into an unusual lifestyle due to one of her more intriguing investigations, and for a long time was never seen at night.  During this time period she had played both the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker and Giselle in Swan Lake.  She met Harry while eating pizza with Cheri and had a whirlwind romance, with her leaving ballet in order to have their twins, though she has since returned to both of her jobs.

The demon of Faustian legend has been seen across both London and Toronto.  Though no one can pinpoint anything in particular that he’s done, he’s been seen with many, and one never knows who has agreed to a deal, that is, until it gets… messy.

Valentin Thorne
The Sire of Cheri Noble, and her husband, it seems that the vampire has returned to claim what is rightfully his, though he hasn’t approached her, yet.  Having met Elena and Harry, Val casually offered a business arrangement between some of Val’s experiments and Harry’s, and it’s unknown if this ever came to be.  True evil and unpredictability run hand in hand, so it’s hard to say what Val might have in mind to reach his ultimate desires.


Old Vampires Show New Tricks

Do you know that creepy feeling, the one where your flesh turns to goosebumps and your hair stands on end? It’s that feeling that someone is watching you, following you. That was the feeling Cheri Noble, the city’s most recognizable vampire, felt since the moment she’d risen for the day. The feeling was not unwarranted in the least as Cheri was truly being followed by men in black, vampires that she was sure stepped out of a nightmare of her past. That was what she told the ecstatic teenage Exorcist, Angelus Gabriel, when he literally ran into her.

Cheri led Angelus to hide in an alleyway, where they could talk a little more about the situation. Unfortunately, two of the vampires on Cheri’s trail appeared in the alleyway, chasing Cheri and Angelus from the alley. Cheri literally ran into the arms of the elder vampire that had turned her so long ago, forced her to marry him. Angelus attempted to free Cheri, tugging at the ancient fiend’s arms—even after being swatted into a wall. In frustration, Angelus began to curse the vampire in French, which abruptly lapsed into the ancient language of Exorcists to accidently call a swarm of poltergeists to attack the elder one, who vanished. But not before leaving Cheri paralyzed by the toxin of his vampire kiss. After fending off the swarm’s attack on him, Angelus enlisted aid via Cheri’s cellphone.

Skye, a witch, took Angelus and the paralysed vampiress back to his house, where he tried a couple healing spells and a ritual with spelled blood in an attempt to cleanse Cheri’s body of whatever was afflicting her. The healing spells and ritual blood succeeded, but silver scars remain to mark the encounter. Cheri is once again as well as she could be, given that the vampires still remain out there…waiting.

Written by a Guest Reporter

Hidden in Plain Sight

While Elena Lynn and Cheri Noble spoke about a myriad of things an interesting van appeared on the street.  A man popped out with a megaphone and proclaimed that the supernatural live among us and are trying to fit into everyday society.  Next thing anyone knew guns were out and there was an evident threat against the supernatural in the area.  Elena thought at first she was safe, but then remembered that Cheri would not be and told her and a dog (Skye’s dog?) to hurry and leave the area.  She disappeared back to her house, texting Sven Hazard the details of the ordeal.

Cheri and the dog did not listen, however, and a grenade was thrown out as well as guns being fired.  Cheri ended up hit by a few bullets but dutifully stayed to help take care of those humans that had also been hit.  Through magic and mayhem Cheri and the dog ended up getting a hold of Skye Nickels, who took them back to his house and hopefully started to heal them.

Magic and Blood

The day was a good one, everyone seemed to be doing what they were supposed to do.  Elena Lynn meet up with Dallin after buying some books and then he was off running through the park and doing random things that teenage boys do.  She wandered back towards the bookstore and saw Cheri sitting on the curb.  They talked quietly about Skye for a few minutes before Cal Sarrion showed up.

Cal was new to town and it showed, well, that and the stitches on his face.  The night before his apartment (located in Regent Park) had been broken into and he had been thrown out of the fifth story window, only living to tell the tale because he fell into a pool.  And Cheri, while attentive, seemed to be fighting something.  Skye came back, needing to go into a magic shop and Elena offered to join.  While Skye filled up a few baskets and went to pay they had been very cautious to be quiet and not use their names in the shop.  Elena saw and fell in love with a tarot deck, which Skye in turn bought her.

Cal realized that Cheri needed to feed.  Though he said he didn’t find it offensive and wasn’t scared he took off almost as soon as she confirmed it.  In the end it was better for him that way.  Elena had received a text and disappeared off to a Chinese Restaurant to join Dallin.  Cheri, on the other hand, seemed to slowly be losing herself.  Through quick thinking on Skye’s part the sidewalk was spelled to keep people from going closer to the vampire, and he took a blood pack from a hospital that was of no use to them (and therefore they wouldn’t miss it).  Stealthily he put the contents of the packet in a bowl in front of him, and luckily the bowl drew Cheri’s attention before he did since it was closer.  When she finished feeding she seemed much more herself.