The Chase- Demon Style

Cheri Noble is a beacon for trouble.  It’s odd having a vampire that continuously seems to find a way to become a victim… or is it that the fairly good vampire seems to attract those more malicious of the supernatural world?  Could it be that they are drawn to her light?  Whatever the case Cheri was on the run again, running from the goons of the elder vampire who turned her and forced her to marriage all those years ago.

Luckily for Cheri Toronto has a resident half demon who fights for good, or, namely, for Hunter Investigations.  Sven Hazard stepped up to protect his friend (and potential love interest?) Cheri, using his demonic aura to take the two from the roof of a building down to the basement, ultimately landing in a sewer.  During this chase Sven also managed to hot rod an old car.  The car in question was about to be junked so the owner would have thanked Sven for stealing it.

The only thing known is that Cheri and Sven got away… but to where or for how long is anyone’s guess.