Hunters or?

Lithe blonde Leora Gunner was spotted outside of Lynn Security, and met up with a burly somewhat intimidating man Joe Warren.  The two spoke about the supernatural rising of the dead that happened a week or so ago, and considered how to exterminate the creature that rose again.  It was so early in the morning they could not get inside to look around, but assumed that the culprit (Dante Gregorium) was long since gone.  Joe offered to blow up the building, but Leora shook her head.  The two left together in his truck.

Supernatural Shoot Out

Yesterday was an eventful day for the supernatural in Toronto.  Everything appeared to be normal, people walking about, going to work.  As Elena Lynn went to do an investigation a new man appeared, seemingly aware of the supernatural around him.  Cal Sarrion noticed Cheri Noble from a mile away, and while he was originally very indignant towards her, he softened when she healed his hand… a hand he injured himself on a knife when he noticed that Cheri wasn’t the young girl she appeared to be.

An odd, crazy, clown like man appeared as Elena moved throughout the city.  It didn’t take too long for Dallin to appear behind her.  The two appeared to have some sort of fight, and he disappeared.  After Elena turned to address Riddlebox, he, too, disappeared.  Around the same time Cheri started to walk down the street, and Elena took a phone call.  As both girls walked forward, a new man entered the scene, following Cheri at a short distance.

The man called for Cheri, mentioning that she had zero body heat.  She turned around as Elena finished her phone call, and rattled off a text.  Joe Warren then moved to take aim and shot Cheri in the thigh with a special bullet.  He was apparently “testing” them for use against supernatural creatures, to see if they would take and maim.  The bullets contained a harsh blend of garlic and salt… and goodness knows what else.  Cheri was down on the ground.  Elena rushed forward to try to help, giving her the tools to get the bullet out, and standing up to Joe Warren… which probably would have gotten her killed if Dallin hadn’t appeared behind her, pulling her back.

When Joe left Dallin took both girls back to his place, and Elena took out ballet pink thread as well as a needle, dousing the latter in rubbing alcohol before moving forward to stick up Cheri to the best of her ability.  She worked as quickly as she could, making small stitches.  In the end Dallin brought Elena home and Cheri called Tarric to come get her.