Magical Connections

Whilst Elena was working in Lynn Security, Thane Enrose, of Enrose Magic, was spotted entering the building, and leaving with Elena Lynn.  The two had previously been spotted and photographed at the ballet ball in the beginning of July, where Enrose had performed some magic, and seemed quite enchanted by the prima ballerina.  They were later seen at a ritzy Italian place together, getting lunch.

While Enrose likely was talking with Elena about some sort of investigation he’d like done, and Elena was likely at the restaurant working on a case, that isn’t known to the general public, that seem to quite enjoy the look of the magician and ballerina together.  They were also spotted leaving the location and getting into the same cab.


Investigator Almost Discovered

Elena didn’t do much research, wanting an unbiased investigation, before heading out to gather evidence at the club for what happened to lead singer of Eviscerne.  If she had, she wouldn’t have worn red.  She stuck out far more than she would have liked, red in a sea of black, but she’d managed to get into all the places she needed to, get the photos she needed, and she was scoping the area for persons of interest when one Danny Blythe caught her attention.

He was intrigued by Elena, for she was dressed far differently than the others there, though her dress was the requisite short length for the club.  He didn’t try to speak to her as much as demand answers from her, which she gave him without actually answering his questions.  He thought she looked quite familiar, that he’d seen her before, but he couldn’t place where.  She was certain she hadn’t seen him before, and said that plainly, for the black makeup he wore over his mouth is quite distinctive.  He moved closer to her and their bickering banter continued.  When he got tired of her non-answers he pushed her away, letting her make off without being discovered, while he went off for a cigarette.

He’ll no doubt remember exactly who Elena is when he sees a billboard for the upcoming ballet, of which she is the star.