Man Kidnapped Found in Park

It was just another day in the neighborhood.  Elena Lynn was in the middle of a back bridge, kicking over into a back walkover when Cheri Noble and Cal Sarrion appeared on the scene.  Something quite peculiar seemed to be going down.  Last evening Nickolaus Richter was abducted from his home, his bats left alone and defenseless… by none other than a blonde haired man who appeared to have the same eyes as him; his father.

Elena noticed Cheri and Cal and moved closer to see what they were looking at.  It was Nickolaus, on the ground, appearing to be unconscious.  Doing what any responsible person would, Elena knelt down, hand on his wrist checking his pulse.  That was when things started to get a bit odd.  Ansel, Nickolaus’ father, stepped out from the shadows and mentioned how interesting it was that it was a human that touched him, and that he thought for sure that it would be the vampire, Cheri.

Why it would prove interesting became apparent when Nickolaus opened his eyes and started to proclaim his undying and everlasting love for Elena.  Together Elena and Cheri worked, Elena distracting him while Cheri tested his blood to see if he had anything in his system.  It appeared that six love potions were used on him, and at least four spells to boot.

While Cheri may be a healer, spells are out of her realm and depth.  Will she possibly be able to save Nickolaus before he ends up getting himself into too precarious a situation?