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Queen Ze’Lucyn

Over the course of several weeks, six homeless men were found dead within a few blocks of the abandoned Drake hotel. Cheri Noble, having noticed that each bore 2 very prim puncture marks in their necks, and that they had been completely passed out and drunk at the time of their deaths, decided to investigate.  Inside the hotel, Cheri found a young woman, who appeared 18.

That woman is quite delusional, speaking to and apparently leading a court of imaginary people.  She introduced herself as Ze’Lucyn Malka, welcoming Cheri to the shambles of the hotel as if it were a magnificent castle.  After Cheri spoke to Ze’Lucyn, it seemed that Ze’Lucyn did understand there is some sort of danger afoot, and she has been vigilantly hunting throughout Toronto, trying to figure out who or what would be targeting her people for such abuse.

Since their initial meeting, Cheri has checked up on Ze’Lucyn and they have gone on a slew of adventures, including meeting a human named Georgie, Seraph Lazarus following Cheri, and meeting a very confused man named Teagan who it seems might have a mixture of demon and vampire heritage.


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