Angel Sighting

Cheri Noble, on one of her usual walks throughout the city, happened to glance up and see a flash of light by a fountain, and a sudden sickness, an uneasiness engulfed her.  It was a flash she followed, and found an angel, Michael.  The Michael.  It’s unknown why he might have suddenly become earth bound, but odds are, we haven’t seen the last of him.


Return of Hostilities

When Harry returned, something very peculiar had happened the next night.  It seemed just as Harry was settling in, just as Cheri was tending to him, Elena had received a phone call from Nickolaus Richter.  Harry didn’t react immediately, instead waiting for several days, a week or so, before reaching out to settle this.

Harry approached Imogen Harper with a big bouquet of flowers, and both he and James Mason managed to get inside her apartment.  A conversation was had about Nick, and how he spent far too much time fawning over Harry’s wife.  A compromise was promised: if Nick left Elena alone, than Harry would leave Imogen alone.

When Nick arrived, he tried to power past James, who in turn broke Nick’s grip on him, grabbed his junk and twisted.  James always said he was a nutcracker.  After Harry and Nick shook on this business arrangement and both Harry and James left, Nick fell to the ground in pain.

The First Attempt

Cheri Noble happened upon a friend, the werewolf Laurits, late one night.  Unfortunately, a very peculiar looking creature, like a vampire that was mixed with a zombie, happened upon them.  This creature seemed to have a rather singular purpose, to collect Laurits and take him off… somewhere.  Laurits had no intention of being abducted by this creature, but couldn’t quite handle him alone.

Cheri stepped in and took care of the threat, ending up covered in blood.  She did what she had to do to protect Laurits and herself yet it seemed far more haunting than it should have been.

Harry Returned

Harry had been gone for six months, almost seven.  Even the most devoted and loyal would begin to lose hope.  Nickolaus Richter, who was supposed to be working as a guardian angel for the Mansel family had refused to even try to look for Harry.  Cheri Noble had looked a few times in London to no avail.  Mephistopheles couldn’t find him.  None of Harry’s family (both that of blood or business) could find him.  Yet he appeared, through a magical portal, into Elena’s office in Lynn Security.

He spoke of faeries and their stupid faerie games and not wanting to play anymore.  He seemed emaciated and had lost tone throughout his body.  His scientists took what they could to investigate, including the small treasure chest that accompanied him.  Elena called upon Cheri to help fix him the next day, knowing that while he might be able to afford the best doctors, Harry couldn’t afford to be seen as weak in business.

None except the most intimate of Harry’s inner circle knows the truth of where he had been, most assuming that he suffered from a work related incident.  Luckily, Elena had everything running smoothly in the business while Harry was away, and quickly came up with an equivocation about where he had been all that time.

Queen Ze’Lucyn

Over the course of several weeks, six homeless men were found dead within a few blocks of the abandoned Drake hotel. Cheri Noble, having noticed that each bore 2 very prim puncture marks in their necks, and that they had been completely passed out and drunk at the time of their deaths, decided to investigate.  Inside the hotel, Cheri found a young woman, who appeared 18.

That woman is quite delusional, speaking to and apparently leading a court of imaginary people.  She introduced herself as Ze’Lucyn Malka, welcoming Cheri to the shambles of the hotel as if it were a magnificent castle.  After Cheri spoke to Ze’Lucyn, it seemed that Ze’Lucyn did understand there is some sort of danger afoot, and she has been vigilantly hunting throughout Toronto, trying to figure out who or what would be targeting her people for such abuse.

Since their initial meeting, Cheri has checked up on Ze’Lucyn and they have gone on a slew of adventures, including meeting a human named Georgie, Seraph Lazarus following Cheri, and meeting a very confused man named Teagan who it seems might have a mixture of demon and vampire heritage.