Illegal Gun Disturbance

The streets of Toronto were quiet and normal as Sven meet up with Elena, intending to make sure that she and the half angel/half demon Nickolaus Richter were over and done for good.  While they were beginning to chat a disturbance occurred and Sven went into action when gunfire started, pulling Elena close and up to a rooftop, to safety, or so he thought.  The disturbance was caused by the city’s newest half demon, Yuuto.

Yuuto is young, 15, inexperienced, and poor mannered.  Somehow managing to obtain illegal firearms and having taken out a large crew of men (that had perhaps been supernatural) Yuuto then looked about for another target and found Sven and Elena on the rooftop.  Sven’s aura saved them from the first plethora of bullets and they began an intense fight, with Sven happy to be able to teach the boy a lesson since apparently they had an altercation a few days prior.

Elena called Seraph Lazarus to get her out of the fray, and the fight went on between the two half breeds.  Eventually the vampiress Cheri showed up with a gun, managing to get Yuuto to calm down for a bit before disappearing into an alleyway that Sven, after telling Yuuto that he was “Impulsive, undisciplined, and stupid.”  An associate of Sven’s appeared and made sure that the damage from their long supernatural battle managed to look like it came from a gas leak before the cops came.