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New Faces

It seems that the one girl who despises or dislikes the supernatural finds herself currently up to her ears in it.  Last week, unsure of the exact date, she was observed as hearing something and the grate to the sewer opened near her.  What is down there no one knows, but she was later seen outside of her new office for Lynn Security with a man with dark hair wearing grey sweatpants and a white “I ❤ Toronto” t-shirt.  He didn’t seem to notice all of the odd looks he was getting.

In other news it seems that Elena was in the park yesterday and things suddenly started to float next to her.  What is this phenomenon?  There was something there, a shimmering, for a brief second.  No-Face seemed to only say a series of uhs and enjoy peaches.  While that is all well and good what is Elena going to do with an invisible creature following her about that cannot speak in English and that she has to continuously feed random things?  Hopefully her plan to visit Skye Nickles will yield good results.


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