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Old Vampires Show New Tricks

Do you know that creepy feeling, the one where your flesh turns to goosebumps and your hair stands on end? It’s that feeling that someone is watching you, following you. That was the feeling Cheri Noble, the city’s most recognizable vampire, felt since the moment she’d risen for the day. The feeling was not unwarranted in the least as Cheri was truly being followed by men in black, vampires that she was sure stepped out of a nightmare of her past. That was what she told the ecstatic teenage Exorcist, Angelus Gabriel, when he literally ran into her.

Cheri led Angelus to hide in an alleyway, where they could talk a little more about the situation. Unfortunately, two of the vampires on Cheri’s trail appeared in the alleyway, chasing Cheri and Angelus from the alley. Cheri literally ran into the arms of the elder vampire that had turned her so long ago, forced her to marry him. Angelus attempted to free Cheri, tugging at the ancient fiend’s arms—even after being swatted into a wall. In frustration, Angelus began to curse the vampire in French, which abruptly lapsed into the ancient language of Exorcists to accidently call a swarm of poltergeists to attack the elder one, who vanished. But not before leaving Cheri paralyzed by the toxin of his vampire kiss. After fending off the swarm’s attack on him, Angelus enlisted aid via Cheri’s cellphone.

Skye, a witch, took Angelus and the paralysed vampiress back to his house, where he tried a couple healing spells and a ritual with spelled blood in an attempt to cleanse Cheri’s body of whatever was afflicting her. The healing spells and ritual blood succeeded, but silver scars remain to mark the encounter. Cheri is once again as well as she could be, given that the vampires still remain out there…waiting.

Written by a Guest Reporter


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