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Hidden in Plain Sight

While Elena Lynn and Cheri Noble spoke about a myriad of things an interesting van appeared on the street.  A man popped out with a megaphone and proclaimed that the supernatural live among us and are trying to fit into everyday society.  Next thing anyone knew guns were out and there was an evident threat against the supernatural in the area.  Elena thought at first she was safe, but then remembered that Cheri would not be and told her and a dog (Skye’s dog?) to hurry and leave the area.  She disappeared back to her house, texting Sven Hazard the details of the ordeal.

Cheri and the dog did not listen, however, and a grenade was thrown out as well as guns being fired.  Cheri ended up hit by a few bullets but dutifully stayed to help take care of those humans that had also been hit.  Through magic and mayhem Cheri and the dog ended up getting a hold of Skye Nickels, who took them back to his house and hopefully started to heal them.


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