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Supernatural Songbird

Does anyone believe that music can free the soul?  That’s a nice thought.  Now, getting to the root of the matter- has anyone ever thought that music could trap and inhibit a person?  That while a catchy, beautiful played tune is performed to completion something about it may cause a potential listener to perish?

Cheri Noble likely didn’t think it was the music that a seemingly new addition to the dark ones in Toronto was making that caused the deaths.  Somnus played beautifully, a some of triumph and fitting in… a song so very similar to how Cheri may have felt walking through life.  Yes, until the point where a man tried to steal a woman’s purse and something… no one is quite certain what, and all dispersed afterward, something took the man and bent him backwards rupturing his spine.

While the police were unable to find the supposed musician, Cheri is not in holding and she cooperated quite well with local authorities.


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