Hidden in Plain Sight

While Elena Lynn and Cheri Noble spoke about a myriad of things an interesting van appeared on the street.  A man popped out with a megaphone and proclaimed that the supernatural live among us and are trying to fit into everyday society.  Next thing anyone knew guns were out and there was an evident threat against the supernatural in the area.  Elena thought at first she was safe, but then remembered that Cheri would not be and told her and a dog (Skye’s dog?) to hurry and leave the area.  She disappeared back to her house, texting Sven Hazard the details of the ordeal.

Cheri and the dog did not listen, however, and a grenade was thrown out as well as guns being fired.  Cheri ended up hit by a few bullets but dutifully stayed to help take care of those humans that had also been hit.  Through magic and mayhem Cheri and the dog ended up getting a hold of Skye Nickels, who took them back to his house and hopefully started to heal them.

Rodents with Wings

Cal Sarrion and Cheri Noble were enjoying a nice night of drinking and getting better acquainted when Elena Lynn, standing outside the bar, noticed a most peculiar man wearing a duster, old army pants, and a polo shirt appearing to hold something in the crook of his arm.  She had intended to go into the bar and get familiarized with the setting, perhaps have a drink with Cheri and Cal.  All of that changed when she noticed the very peculiar man.  He kept looking up into the sky.  The sky was dark, and because of the heavy flux of lights around there was no chance of seeing stars.  Surely he could tell that?

Finally she convinced him to give his name, after giving hers.  Nickolaus Richter.  That was when his little pet got loose and, being new to flying, he besought she caught the little thing.  That little thing was a bat with a dragon tail or, as Elena thought, a rat with wings.  She managed to catch it in her hat to return it to Nickolaus and he seemed quite perturbed that she tossed the hat afterwards, both insulting her implications to him and complimenting her skin at the same time.  He called down from the sky a giant bat like the first one before turning to her and saying such.

At that time Cheri and Cal left the bar, with Cal falling on his face.  He was incredibly drunk, speaking of getting a hair cut, or a tattoo, or something pierced.  Elena hoisted him up, and luckily Cheri brought him home.  Elena asked Nickolaus if she could buy him a drink to make up for her unintended slight, mostly hoping to get more information out of him in the process.  He said he would have a virgin drink, so she switched up the venue and asked if he would like to go to Tim Horton’s, to which he agreed and later they were met by Cheri.

Supernatural Songbird

Does anyone believe that music can free the soul?  That’s a nice thought.  Now, getting to the root of the matter- has anyone ever thought that music could trap and inhibit a person?  That while a catchy, beautiful played tune is performed to completion something about it may cause a potential listener to perish?

Cheri Noble likely didn’t think it was the music that a seemingly new addition to the dark ones in Toronto was making that caused the deaths.  Somnus played beautifully, a some of triumph and fitting in… a song so very similar to how Cheri may have felt walking through life.  Yes, until the point where a man tried to steal a woman’s purse and something… no one is quite certain what, and all dispersed afterward, something took the man and bent him backwards rupturing his spine.

While the police were unable to find the supposed musician, Cheri is not in holding and she cooperated quite well with local authorities.