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Riddles at the Bar

Last night Elena Lynn dressed well, intended to go out and get situated in the club scene.  She needed to know the ins and outs and the mechanisms of each club in order to be able to successfully blend in case her job put her there.  What she hadn’t expected was to catch the attention of Christian Sinclaire.

Christian Sinclair: playboy, son of a wealthy hotel owner that has chains going all across Canada.  What more would any girl want?  Elena noticed far too many similarities between Christian and Drake Lancastor, a man she had met in California.  Christian spoke to the bar tender, giving him several large bills to keep her cup filled up and her ever desire taken care of.  They spent the evening mostly at the bar, speaking in riddles to each other.

The biggest surprise at all to Christian was when Elena revealed she’d been sipping on virgin mixed drinks.  Oh, dear.  She had given too much away, and soon he realized that there had to be more of a reason why she was at the club then for the party atmosphere.  Perhaps he would find her to be intoxicating, refreshing, and intriguing enough to try to find out more…


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