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Magic and Blood

The day was a good one, everyone seemed to be doing what they were supposed to do.  Elena Lynn meet up with Dallin after buying some books and then he was off running through the park and doing random things that teenage boys do.  She wandered back towards the bookstore and saw Cheri sitting on the curb.  They talked quietly about Skye for a few minutes before Cal Sarrion showed up.

Cal was new to town and it showed, well, that and the stitches on his face.  The night before his apartment (located in Regent Park) had been broken into and he had been thrown out of the fifth story window, only living to tell the tale because he fell into a pool.  And Cheri, while attentive, seemed to be fighting something.  Skye came back, needing to go into a magic shop and Elena offered to join.  While Skye filled up a few baskets and went to pay they had been very cautious to be quiet and not use their names in the shop.  Elena saw and fell in love with a tarot deck, which Skye in turn bought her.

Cal realized that Cheri needed to feed.  Though he said he didn’t find it offensive and wasn’t scared he took off almost as soon as she confirmed it.  In the end it was better for him that way.  Elena had received a text and disappeared off to a Chinese Restaurant to join Dallin.  Cheri, on the other hand, seemed to slowly be losing herself.  Through quick thinking on Skye’s part the sidewalk was spelled to keep people from going closer to the vampire, and he took a blood pack from a hospital that was of no use to them (and therefore they wouldn’t miss it).  Stealthily he put the contents of the packet in a bowl in front of him, and luckily the bowl drew Cheri’s attention before he did since it was closer.  When she finished feeding she seemed much more herself.


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