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New Relations

It seems that a lot of new blood (no pun intended for all of you old vampires out there, like Cheri Noble) has surfaced in Toronto.

After a seemingly quiet winter season has gone by, with the only thing of note being the ballet production of The Nutcracker, in which Elena Lynn played the sugar plum fairy, it seems that things are picking back up in the big city.

Games are being played by the scary and dark of the city, including but not limited to the infamous Mephistopheles and a new arrival in the dark- Plya Willow.  The two were seen conversing but in high spirits.  None are certain which is trying to play the other, but a sense of kindred between them could end in disaster for the rest of us.  Plya has been seen about Toronto, walking along and conversing with  unsuspecting people and killing them to harvest their parts, for what dark ritual we do not know.

Sven Hazard was seen recently with Cheri Noble and Elena Lynn, and it seemed the trio was out for quite the surprise.  Another half demon appeared on the scene, or so it appeared to Sven, who was the only one of the three that could tell.  Dallin seemed to be staring at them and the trio broke up in order to find out more.  Elena and Sven went into Timmy’s while Cheri went to go see the teen in question.  That teen then told Cheri that he had seen Elena in a dream, and he knew someone was going to hurt her- and he couldn’t let that happen.  Since then it has seemed that where Elena has gone Dallin has been sure to follow, even meeting up with old friends, such as Elizabeth Liddel.


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