Riddles at the Bar

Last night Elena Lynn dressed well, intended to go out and get situated in the club scene.  She needed to know the ins and outs and the mechanisms of each club in order to be able to successfully blend in case her job put her there.  What she hadn’t expected was to catch the attention of Christian Sinclaire.

Christian Sinclair: playboy, son of a wealthy hotel owner that has chains going all across Canada.  What more would any girl want?  Elena noticed far too many similarities between Christian and Drake Lancastor, a man she had met in California.  Christian spoke to the bar tender, giving him several large bills to keep her cup filled up and her ever desire taken care of.  They spent the evening mostly at the bar, speaking in riddles to each other.

The biggest surprise at all to Christian was when Elena revealed she’d been sipping on virgin mixed drinks.  Oh, dear.  She had given too much away, and soon he realized that there had to be more of a reason why she was at the club then for the party atmosphere.  Perhaps he would find her to be intoxicating, refreshing, and intriguing enough to try to find out more…


Magic and Blood

The day was a good one, everyone seemed to be doing what they were supposed to do.  Elena Lynn meet up with Dallin after buying some books and then he was off running through the park and doing random things that teenage boys do.  She wandered back towards the bookstore and saw Cheri sitting on the curb.  They talked quietly about Skye for a few minutes before Cal Sarrion showed up.

Cal was new to town and it showed, well, that and the stitches on his face.  The night before his apartment (located in Regent Park) had been broken into and he had been thrown out of the fifth story window, only living to tell the tale because he fell into a pool.  And Cheri, while attentive, seemed to be fighting something.  Skye came back, needing to go into a magic shop and Elena offered to join.  While Skye filled up a few baskets and went to pay they had been very cautious to be quiet and not use their names in the shop.  Elena saw and fell in love with a tarot deck, which Skye in turn bought her.

Cal realized that Cheri needed to feed.  Though he said he didn’t find it offensive and wasn’t scared he took off almost as soon as she confirmed it.  In the end it was better for him that way.  Elena had received a text and disappeared off to a Chinese Restaurant to join Dallin.  Cheri, on the other hand, seemed to slowly be losing herself.  Through quick thinking on Skye’s part the sidewalk was spelled to keep people from going closer to the vampire, and he took a blood pack from a hospital that was of no use to them (and therefore they wouldn’t miss it).  Stealthily he put the contents of the packet in a bowl in front of him, and luckily the bowl drew Cheri’s attention before he did since it was closer.  When she finished feeding she seemed much more herself.

A Snakey Return

It was just an average day.  Elena Lynn started the day by beginning to walk to work.  As she walked past two buildings she heard a noise coming from the alleyway.  Seeming to recognize the man she crept closer to find Skye Nickles on the ground before her.  It took a lot of patience and time to finally convince him to get up.  She led him back to her place after realizing he had been living like a hobo for months and set him up to get cleaned up.

Dallin showed up after she had already ordered pizza and convinced Skye to eat.  Skye started to flip out that Elena would die because she had touched Dallin, and if a man loves a woman and touches her she’ll get pregnant and die.  Luckily Elena thought to ask the power of google and wikipedia to help and that way Skye could learn everything he needed to about the birds and the bees without she and Dallin having to put it into words.  Luckily, Elena had also texted Cheri that Skye was with them.

Cheri came to visit right after Skye, disgusted and grossed out from all he had learned, rushed out to the washroom.  Almost as soon as Cheri was inside Skye screamed and the others went to see what had happened.  Some sort of demon snake had come out of the pipes and was attacking him.  Dallin, not wanting Elena hurt, rushed forward, clamping his mouth on the snake.  Once Skye had managed to force the snake off of his shoulder Dallin, using his teeth, and Cheri, using her hands managed to behead the creepy animal.

Dallin’s mouth was ripped apart and Skye had a dislocated shoulder but both wounds were tended to by Cheri and it is believed that both men are supposed to be fine.

Supernatural Shoot Out

Yesterday was an eventful day for the supernatural in Toronto.  Everything appeared to be normal, people walking about, going to work.  As Elena Lynn went to do an investigation a new man appeared, seemingly aware of the supernatural around him.  Cal Sarrion noticed Cheri Noble from a mile away, and while he was originally very indignant towards her, he softened when she healed his hand… a hand he injured himself on a knife when he noticed that Cheri wasn’t the young girl she appeared to be.

An odd, crazy, clown like man appeared as Elena moved throughout the city.  It didn’t take too long for Dallin to appear behind her.  The two appeared to have some sort of fight, and he disappeared.  After Elena turned to address Riddlebox, he, too, disappeared.  Around the same time Cheri started to walk down the street, and Elena took a phone call.  As both girls walked forward, a new man entered the scene, following Cheri at a short distance.

The man called for Cheri, mentioning that she had zero body heat.  She turned around as Elena finished her phone call, and rattled off a text.  Joe Warren then moved to take aim and shot Cheri in the thigh with a special bullet.  He was apparently “testing” them for use against supernatural creatures, to see if they would take and maim.  The bullets contained a harsh blend of garlic and salt… and goodness knows what else.  Cheri was down on the ground.  Elena rushed forward to try to help, giving her the tools to get the bullet out, and standing up to Joe Warren… which probably would have gotten her killed if Dallin hadn’t appeared behind her, pulling her back.

When Joe left Dallin took both girls back to his place, and Elena took out ballet pink thread as well as a needle, dousing the latter in rubbing alcohol before moving forward to stick up Cheri to the best of her ability.  She worked as quickly as she could, making small stitches.  In the end Dallin brought Elena home and Cheri called Tarric to come get her.

New Relations

It seems that a lot of new blood (no pun intended for all of you old vampires out there, like Cheri Noble) has surfaced in Toronto.

After a seemingly quiet winter season has gone by, with the only thing of note being the ballet production of The Nutcracker, in which Elena Lynn played the sugar plum fairy, it seems that things are picking back up in the big city.

Games are being played by the scary and dark of the city, including but not limited to the infamous Mephistopheles and a new arrival in the dark- Plya Willow.  The two were seen conversing but in high spirits.  None are certain which is trying to play the other, but a sense of kindred between them could end in disaster for the rest of us.  Plya has been seen about Toronto, walking along and conversing with  unsuspecting people and killing them to harvest their parts, for what dark ritual we do not know.

Sven Hazard was seen recently with Cheri Noble and Elena Lynn, and it seemed the trio was out for quite the surprise.  Another half demon appeared on the scene, or so it appeared to Sven, who was the only one of the three that could tell.  Dallin seemed to be staring at them and the trio broke up in order to find out more.  Elena and Sven went into Timmy’s while Cheri went to go see the teen in question.  That teen then told Cheri that he had seen Elena in a dream, and he knew someone was going to hurt her- and he couldn’t let that happen.  Since then it has seemed that where Elena has gone Dallin has been sure to follow, even meeting up with old friends, such as Elizabeth Liddel.